Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wine and other parental supports

Ok, there is not anything else in this post besides wine, but I was feeling lame about a catchy title....

We like wine. We like to drink it in the winter and in the summer. In the winter, we like reds, mostly Rhone varietals. In the summer, we tend towards dry whites, our new favorite is Greuner Veltliner (GruVes). But we mostly like wine. Fortunately, a couple others on the internet do too. Here are some of our favorite wine spots:

Vinography: A Wine Blog
I first found this when I was looking for information on the ZAP festival - Outsmarting Wine
Mark turned us onto GruVes!

Wine Spectator Online
We subscribe so we can check out the points on specific bottles

Share some of your favorites....

P.S. I guess if I am going to post this in the survival section, I should indicate that wine often helps us get through the tougher aspects of parenting. As a tip, I would recommend checking out K&L, Beltramos and even CostCo for good wine selections. And as a resource, I am happy to come over and taste any bottle of wine you open that you are worried might be corked.

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