Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmental Awareness, One Water Bottle at a Time

In honor of Blog Action Day, I thought I would write about single serving drink containers. Last week, Jennifer over at Tree Hugging Family posted about using refillable soap dispensers. In my comment to the post, I also suggested that we avoid using single serving drink containers and buy in bulk. At our house we have purchased CamelBak plastic bottles and use them daily in backpacks for water. In their reusable lunch boxes from Laptop Lunches, the kids also have smaller bottles that we use for chocolate milk. When bring snack to soccer games, we try to remember to bring large containers of juice with cups to recyclable cups to pour into and avoid the juice boxes altogether.

Fortunately, recycling has been part of our lives since before the kids were born, and after seeing the movie Arctic Tale, the importance is much easier to explain, especially when Queen Latifah showed us how our choices will help their new favorite animal friends Seela, the walrus pup, and Nanu, the polar bear cub.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the link love! My son has a CamelBak too. I have not seen Arctic Tale so we'll check it out. Our local kid's museum is opening a new installation about the Arctic so that would be cool along with.

Jennifer said...

PS, this is Jennifer from Tree Hugging Family -- it would not let me change my link from my personal blog. In case you were confused about who the heck I was :)