Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Candy Buy-Back Program

For two years now, I have offered (well, actually, there is not much of an option) to buy my kid's Halloween candy at a rate of $.10 a piece. This year, my son started asking me about it early in October, so I knew I was in good. My daughter was not so sure, but I think our weekend shopping trip sealed the deal.

On Halloween night, both kids were very goal oriented, bringing home 300 pieces of candy, a cool $15 bucks each. Little A asked to have her $15 in $1 bills, The Big Guy wanted a $5 and a $10. The Bug Guy already knew what he wanted to buy - Pokemon Cards at Target. Yes, I know, but it is the lesser of two evils in this case. Little A was not so sure, but was excited to get her candy.

Sunday morning we found time to go to Target - The Big Guy made a beeline for the Pokemon cards, while Little A and I got stuck at the $1 bins. Low and behold, there was a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff in those bins, and Little A cleaned up. She found a little bag, gel pens, stationary set, stickers, notepad, and charm pen. In addition, she was able to buy princess lip gloss and a kitty notebook. The smile on her face was enormous and I think we will have no problem next year with the Candy Buy-Back Program!


MLL said...

Oh that is an excellent, excellent idea!!! I believe I will use that too, if you don't mind. We are desperately trying to help my youngest DD watch her weight and junk food intake, and that Halloween candy causes nothing but trouble all-around. She would definitely like something like the buy-back and I then wouldn't feel so heartless in just taking it away.

G said...

Thanks for stopping by MLL, and you can absolutely use this idea. I have also heard about the Candy Witch who appears in the night, but my guess is that only works on younger kids who still believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.

The worse part of this whole thing is that I buy candy to give out, and then buy my kids candy and it does seem like somewhere in the middle there could be a better solution, something that would allow my kids to trick or treat, but not bring the candy in. I am not sure what that answer would be, I would love to hear other thoughts!