Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pie Making

Tonight, we decided to make 2 more pumpkin pies (we did not seem to get enough at Thanksgiving). In a rare turn of events, I found the patience to make them with the kids, even letting them help with the pie crusts. Little A demonstrates her pricking technique while the Big Guy shows what a good crimper he is.

The pies turned out well (with all this help, how could they be bad?!). In fact, we might even have breakfast pie tomorrow. Our kids are good pie eaters, for which my husband is happy and thankful. In his family, pumpkin pie slivering is an art that is passed down through the generations!

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TorAa said...

I do not believe we have the rught kind of Pumpkin here in Norway, else I would have thought Pumpkin pies would have been more popular - in fact, it's allmost unknown here.

Well we do no how to make pies. Most widely used are apples