Thursday, November 15, 2007

Salad days and The Stack O'Catalogs

Every once in a while, I have a great lunch day. Three days a week, I work from home, and sometimes all the stars are in alignment for a great lunch. Today was one of those days. From last night's dinner, I had saved leftover salad (without dressing), along with organic red bell pepper and black beans. This lunchtime, I added an organic avocado and a firm Fuyu persimmon. I whipped up a Dijon vinaigrette and voila! A salad was born!

Also, in the mail today came another huge stack of holiday catalogs. I have decided to start measuring the stack and will find out how many (inches, feet) of catalogs I will receive this season. I am starting today (November 15), with yesterday's bunch added in, and will go until December 25th. So far, I am up to three inches. My husband suggests that I list all the catalogs I receive, which I might do at the end. I bet it is the same 10 companies that are filling my mailbox. No way to know unless I save them all and catalog the catalogs!

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