Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day - the aftermath

Besides being totally exhausted this morning, I think my kids were still coming off yesterday's sugar-high. Two, sometimes three, times a year, the school actually condones giving the kids copious amounts of candy, in an effort to celebrate a mostly Hallmark-holiday. But I digress.....

For most of January and the first week of February, amidst much yelling, screaming and hair pulling, we managed to get all 20 Valentine's for Little A's class done. Each one was an individual work of art, created by Little A, and each one was a process unto itself. I was happy in the knowledge that the other parents were at home going through the same torture (or not) and that February 14th would signal the end. The deal was everyone in class makes a valentine for every other person, all part of a post office project, which involves super cute stamps with the kid's pictures. But I digress, again....

On Thursday, after passing out all the homemade valentine's, three kids actually brought in more valentines. That's right, a whole 'nother round for the class, mostly consisting of candy bars and fuzzy pencils. What was that all about? Will the insanity ever end? First it was a little holiday, with a little red/pink and a card for your loved one. Now it is a multi-$$$ industry, starting just as soon as the decorations come down for Christmas, culminating in a big finale on February 14th. No wonder my kids are exhausted. Valentines for everyone, class parties, gifts for the teacher, decorated cupcakes, pink and red everything, prix fixe dinners at every restaurant, a scarcity of babysitters. Chaos. Needless to say, isn't it time for this holiday to regain some perspective?

Fortunately, I can say that, as I already have all the supplies for next year's Valentine cards ;-)

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