Friday, March 7, 2008

The 80's: Would someone please enlighten me?

What is the fascination with the 80's - you know, that decade a couple decades ago. The one that encouraged radical hairstyles, crazy music and strange clothing? There are 80's parties to go to, which always require 80's clothing - last time I wore a short denim skirt, leg warmers, and a polo shirt with the color up. Oh, and some hideous white jewelry. It was awful.

Today, I have been forced to face the 80's by Stefania over at City Mama, she is having an 80's contest. Feel free to flit on over and see if you can answer her questions, including ways to make the athletic folks on pee-chee folders look funny. Can't be too hard, with that woman swinging the tennis racket right over the two football players on top of each other! I think she mentioned something about prizes, could be fun. And spend some time there, Stefania has a great blog with recipes, pictures, and snarky thoughts on parenting....

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