Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two kinds of swim moms

IMHO, there are two kinds of swim moms. The first is aware, alert and focused on their child. They arrange themselves on the pool deck so they can see the race, making sure they are there to greet their child when they exit the water. They might take photos, they might not. They are probably wearing a shirt for their team, and have most definitely been a volunteer whenever asked.

These moms carry copys of the program, so they can help other parents find their way, and usually have a spare set of goggles in their pocket, for last minute emergencies. Between races, you can find this mom relaxing with her kids, making sure they snack on high-energy foods, and perhaps playing cards with her son. All in all, a great mom, devoted to her family and properly engaged in her child(ren)'s activities.

Then, there is Me. I do some of the things above, but mostly I like to jostle my way to the front of the crowd with my big 'ole camera, so I can snap 100 photos of Little A or the Big Guy's 25-yard race. Then, I stand there on the side lines and watch the whole race, yelling with my loudest voice for my kids to kick more, or use their big arms, or imploring them to just go faster. Sometimes, I stamp my feet. When the race finishes, I cheer some more, maybe with an arm pump, or if something really great happens, continue cheering so the whole swim desk knows what happens.

I am not necessarily proud of my behavior, but I am very proud of my kids and their swimming, and sometimes I just get so excited I cannot help myself. I am aware they cannot hear me when they swim (both kids have told me this), but still, I carry on. Sometimes I yell so much I have to sit down, all the blood rushing to my head. Maybe after they have done this for a couple years, I will back off and stop being so over-the-top.

On the other hand, maybe not.


Erika Jurney said...

I'm thinking "maybe not" !

MLL said...

Ah, I've been that swim mom too. Then again I've also been the one who has totally missed races, or cheered for the wrong kid (because they all look the same in the suits & caps...)