Friday, August 29, 2008

Alaska for photo Friday

My friend Debbie at DeliciousBaby started Photo Fridays. She is looking for bloggers to post a fun travel photo on Friday, then share the photo. Here is my submission for today, a photo from our recent trip to Talkeetna, Alaska.


Soultravelers3 said...

Oh, I love your moose! Is it made out of mosaics? What a perfect decoration for Alaska!

We have seen a few deer and elk here too...we are in Sweden at the moment. We are Californians though, just on an open ended world tour.

Nice to share photos with you at Debbie's place. ;)

Dominique said...

Your photo brings back some nice memories of our trip up to Talkeetna in 2000. Thanks!

Debbie said...

I haven't been to Alaska, so what I love about this photo is how different it feels from my mental image of Alaska (big expanses of very cold snow & not much color)

Thank you so much for sharing