Monday, May 1, 2006

When did I become the tech support person?

I have worked in technology and out of technology, and live in Silicon Valley, so I guess that makes me an "expert" in all things technology. Why do I have to be the tech support person at home?

Funny, at work I am concerned with being a decision maker or influencer of technology decisions. At home, it drives me nuts! I am the one who does all the research before buying a computer; I install all software and new hardware; I care about adding new memory to make the computer go faster so we can download more video; I download the video! I take care of the network (do we really need DSL and wireless?); if heaven forbid something bad happens to the computer, I am on the phone to tech support.

All this because I like using technology, I tend to be a little bit of an early adopter, and because my husband is decidly not a techno-geek. Sometimes I wish I didn't have this responsibility. Guess I will do what my parents did: wait until the kids get older and then turn the whole thing over to them!

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