Monday, November 19, 2007

White Lies...Go Through My Lips

When is it ok to tell a white lie? And when is it ok to bring your kids in on the lie?

Today, while at Legoland, we discovered that one of the rides was for kids age 6-13. There was another corresponding ride for kids age 3-5, but when we looked at it, we knew our 5 year old could handle the ride for older kids and it would allow us to stay together as a family. So, we instructed our 5 year old to say that she was 6, so she could go on the ride for the bigger kids. As it turned out, I don't think we were the only ones to do that, as there were quite a few kids who looked younger than 6, but still, we felt slightly guilty. And, it is one thing to do this at an amusement park, but what about lying about your age for other things, like discounts or something school related. Everyone does it, but in an effort to teach my kids right from wrong, have I made it hard for them to understand?

In the scheme of things, probably not, but it does give my kids yet another thing to discuss with their therapist when they become adults and start processing all the ways we screwed them up as kids.....

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lilypotter said...

At an amusement park last year, my husband and I tried to pass our 6 year old off for 5 (there was a huge difference in price). Unfortunately, we had neglected to mention this to her (I was feeling guilty about lying in front of her). Wouldn't you know it, the lady at the counter leaned down and said "And how old are you, sweetie?" And my little one responded honestly. I'm sure it happens all the time, but still. I felt like such a jerk.