Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Car Buying Adventure

Today, I bought a new car. Well, at least I negotiated over the phone with the dealer on a price for a new car, which will be available sometime in the next two weeks. The guy I was dealing with pulled every trick in the book. Here are the statements and actions I experienced over the 2 day period of negotiation:

"We have one coming in tomorrow that was ordered for another couple, but they have decided that they don't want to buy it right now".

When I called to negotiate the price, he told me he was with a customer and would call me back in about 1 hour. It was 1.75 hours when he called back.

I give my price, slightly over invoice. "Oh, no, invoice is not that. Edmunds and KBB don't know what the real invoice is, they don't sell cars".

New price from him, $500 below MSRP. I suggest another price, $500 above the new invoice he indicated.

"I need to call my manager to check on this price".

Sound of phone conversation, with barely audible conversation, but little tidbits about "She wants this, well, yes, I don't know, really?" Comes back with a price $600 below MSRP.

"I have to get to another appointment". (sense of urgency)

I suggest another price, a little more above invoice.

Another phone conversation with his manager.

Then, he comes back with a price that was $50 lower than what I had suggested, so I took that. Funny, the whole thing. DH thinks I should have negotiated a set of floor mats, but I was done by then.

Oh, and the car is still on a boat somewhere, due to land any moment at the port. Delivery in about 10 days. Coming in tomorrow, eh? ;-)


MLL said...

I hate hassling over cars and will go to almost any extremes to avoid it. Good job! What did you get?

Gudrun said...

we decided on a Prius, and after dinner last night with my brother-in-law, I wonder if I actually pushed hard enough. He is still in conversation about his new car, 4 days later! I am still happy with the price, but now I am wondering if I could have gotten lower.... ah well, next time ;-)