Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Starting a G-List

Not that this will come as a surprise, but there are other Gudruns out there in blog land! I have found a couple:

Gudrun P

Gudrun in Manchester, UK

Gudrun Blogga

Gudrun's Schmunzel-Blog

There has to be more out there, maybe I should start a G-List, like the even popular T-List of Travel Blogs. Anyone with the name Gudrun can add themselves to the list and we could create a big web of Gudruns. This idea probably does not make sense to you if your name is more common, but frankly, as a Gudrun in the middle of California, my name is a bit of an oddity. So, to all the Gudruns out there, let's unite!


gudrun7 said...

Hi There Gudrun in California! Thank you for listing me and linking up to my blog. It's fab that you are looking for other Gudruns. I am originally from Austria and Gudrun is a normal, albeit not common name there. Now that I live in Manchester, UK, I am also the only one about. I am all for a 'Gudruns of the world unite!' movement. Sorry you won't be able to leave comments on my blog, I had to disable that facility as I got so much spam. However, will pop by again here if I may, best wishes Gudrun

Gudrun said...

great to hear from you Gudrun (gosh I love writing that!), hope you stop by again to check how the list is growing!

gudrun7 said...

Glad to stop by and see how thing are going for you! Also, have jotted down my knowledge on Gudrun on my blog at
Do you know why you were called Gudrun?
best wishes for now Gudrun

Gudrun said...

I read your story, I have not heard that version below. I usually go with the Norse mythology version, Gudrun was the wife of the king of the Nibelung, first Sigurd and later Atli. And then she killed Atli because Atli did something mean to her brother. Lots of hate and revenge, but generally speaking, I try to avoid that style of relationship building myself.

Personally, I got the name when my parents decided that a Germanic first name would be just the thing to go with my maiden name, which is very Germanic. When I played ultimate frisbee after college, I would often be called Gu by my teammates. Not really a nickname I love, but it works well for my blog!

Thanks for visiting and I appreciate the link on your site, as well as the new information about the history of the name!