Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pet Peeves

Gudrun's Pet Peeves

1. Drivers who drive in the pouring rain without their lights on.
1a. These very drivers who talk on their cellphones at the same time.

2. Drivers who talk on their cellphones while driving (without using a hands free device). Yes, I know that this will soon be illegal, but it seems as though some people are getting in all they can before the deadline.

3. People who call San Francisco "Frisco". Ack, I really hate that. The proper terms are San Francisco or The City. It makes my skin crawl to hear Frisco, really.

4. My husband looking over my shoulder and "helping" me with my Scrabulous game. Hey, it is not my fault his company's firewall has blocked Facebook, get your own game!

5. The house across the street runs a business and all their workerbees and clients park in front of my house, because they cannot possibly use their own driveway (this one is a weak one, I know, it is more of a vent).

I will be back, as I am sure I have many more to share :-)

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