Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day of Beauty: Queen for a Day

Back in December, I was the lucky winner of the Silicon Valley Mom's Blog Makeover Contest. This entirely random event has been such a source of excitement over the last 7 weeks, culminating in yesterday's Day of Beauty (said in a deep voice, with much drama!) It picked up steam in early January with the article in the Menlo Park Almanac (who knew so many of my neighbors read this weekly?), and finished spectacularly with a new hair cut, relaxing spa treatments and wonderful new additions to my wardrobe - here is the story:

I began my day with a workout at Fitness101 - I started my 3 month membership earlier this month and had met twice with personal trainer Jennifer. She developed a couple programs for me, so depending on my mood and interest in breathing hard, I had some things to choose from. The gym is nice, with several different kinds of cardio machines, many weight lifting and resistance machines and a nice selection of fitness classes. After I exercised, I hit the showers in preparation for the rest of my day. BTW, the owner, Gordon, is also a blogger, visit his site for a post about his New Year's at Disneyland.

Next stop was Thermae Spa in Menlo Park, with a relaxing massage and facial. Walking into the spa is like being transformed to another place. It is so quite and peaceful, and the Zen-like waiting room just beckons to be visited. At one point, as I waited between my treatments, I was enjoying a magazine and so comfortable in the waiting area, that I almost did not want to leave! Fortunately, I did, as both of my treatments, the massage with Snjezana and the facial with Kasia were both wonderful and left me feeling rejuvenated. Which was good, because the day only got busier!

On the way home for a bite of lunch, I stopped by Calla Kicks to check on a pair of shoes. My size 11 feet are hard to fit, but low and behold, they had a super cute pair of Sloops by FS/NY in chocolate brown suede! I am already planning to buy a second pair in bronze. Earlier in the month, I had stopped into Calla, the clothing store, and met with Maggie, Libby and Linda. These three women exercised tireless patience with me and helped me select several items, including a knit poncho by Echo, a pair of wide leg jeans from isda&co, a snappy green sweater from Vince and a pair of black jeans from Not Your Daughter's Jeans (NYDJ) with an excellent Tummy Tuck panel, pretty much what every mom needs!

After lunch and a little bit of work, I headed off to my afternoon appointment with Sammy at 1258 Salon. When I arrived, it was raining cats and dogs (and probably other furry animals) and I arrived at the reception looking bedraggled and wet, not a pretty site. I was whisked to the back, and after changing into the required salon haircutting gown-thing, was settled to read a magazine with a hot cappuccino. Definitely helped me relax!

Sammy sat me down in his chair and looked at my hair and said "Color, we need some color, just for movement, not much." I was surprised, having not had color for about 5 years and thought my service was only to be a haircut. But he is quick, and before I knew it, his assistant was by my side with the foil squares and the bowl of goo. Meanwhile, the manicurist Susan, arrives and begins my manicure. 30 minutes later, I am sitting under the steamer, percolating away while my nails are buffed and polished. Then the makeup artist arrived and for 45 minutes, I sat still while she performed her miracles. I mean really, look at the picture, miracles were performed!

After makeup, it was back to Sammy for a cut and blow dry and then the grand reveal. Check it out, hard to believe it is me!

Afterwards, I boarded a train north to San Mateo to meet my husband for dinner...a beautiful finish to a wonderful day. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors of this day of beauty, I appreciate all the kind words, thoughtful gestures and the exquisite pampering I received. Special thanks to Beth and the SVMoms who organized the contest. I really do feel as though I was queen for a day!

Yesterday was also the 17th anniversary of the death of my Mom, who died on January 25, 1991 of complications from breast cancer. While yesterday was a day of beauty for me, it was also a chance to remember my Mom, who would have been as surprised as I was by all the hoopla. Love you Mom.....

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