Thursday, January 31, 2008

Valentine's Day Gift Swap

Kailani over at An Island Life organized a Valentine's Day Gift Swap! I signed up a couple weeks ago, and today she emailed me with my swap partner, Naomi of superdumb supervillain.

I love swaps - I did one back in 1994 or 1995 with a woman from New Zealand. It was organized on and the idea was to trade foodie things from your local area. I know I sent her a copy of San Francisco a la Carte, created by the San Francisco Junior League and chock-a-block with interesting recipes. I know she sent me a cool pen with a train that went back and forth at the top, a jar of New Zealand Honey (incidentally, I saw the same jar at a fancy schmancy food place in Berkeley not too long ago) and an Edmonds Cookery Book, which I now notice she inscribed - To Gudrun, Have fun cooking, Heather from Plimmerton, NZ! Cool.

To help Naomi with this swap, I am supposed to answer these questions:
  • What is your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day?
    • My husband coming up with his own romantic idea, without me having to "suggest" anything
  • In reality, what is your Valentine’s Day really like?
    • Kids to school, me to work, plans for fun ways to celebrate the day with the family, special dinner that I take time to cook and is eaten in 5 minutes, shower night, books, teeth brushing, and then a little reading for me before bed.
  • If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be?
    • Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate a la Mousse au Chocolat. Or any of the German or French cookies that have one side coated in chocolate, dark please. Or really any dark chocolate, I prefer 62% or 80+%.
  • Is there any sweet treat you absolutely do not like?
    • Dinner mints, white chocolate anything, licorice, fruit filled chocolates.
  • If you fell into a pool of chocolate, how would you get out?
    • Why would I want to get out?
Feel free, if you are one of the two people reading this, to consider yourself tagged. I would love to hear what my friends think is romantic for Valentine's Day.....

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