Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Day of School Observations

Thursday Thoughts, that is new and clever. Here are mine for today, not all necessarily related to school....

I am disappointed that Hillary will not be the Democratic candidate, however, I will be voting Democrat this fall. Why any Hillary supporter would switch sides, I will not understand.

Stay At Home Mom - that is an oxymoron. As I work less and less, I also stay home less and less. I am always away from the house. Amazing how that works.

The second to last week of school I finally get the whole morning routine figured out. Funny that it takes me so long.

People who talk on their cell phones while driving still bug me, but pretty soon it will be illegal. That makes me happy.

I love those elastic waistbands on my kids pants, the kind that are adjustable. I hate it when they come undone and disappear into the waistband.

If you want politics, check out your local PTA. Whoa-boy, that sucker is chock-a-block.

How green is green? If you have to order green products from a company back east and they have to be shipped out here, is that more green than just buying something locally and recycling? (thanks to Lisa for this thought)

I loved the book Marley and Me. Made me want to hug and kiss my dog for being so great. Even her barking does not bug me as much anymore. Yeah Molly.

The Last Lecture made me sad, and thoughtful about my kids and what I am leaving for them. It also left me hopeful. But mostly sad.

These are my thoughts for today, now I am off to get my kids to school for the last time this year.....

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