Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ideas from BlogHer08 - it's about time!

As I think about getting Kitchen Gadget Girl up and running, and driving traffic and readers to the site, I uncovered a host of ideas from BlogHer that I had not processed. I share them here, mostly to keep track for myself, but just in case they might be useful to someone else.

One of the speakers I heard that weekend was Anne-Marie Nichols. Her Write Spot blog shows bloggers how to promote your site through social networking. Since that is pretty much the game now, her tips and tricks are useful. I enjoyed her recent article on joining a Blog Network, and she wrote up her suggestions from BlogHer.

At the same session, I listened to Gwen Bell, who summed up her talk here. The main takeaway for me was to check out Kirtsy, and start my own Flickr photostream.

From the writing session, Amy Gahran of Contentious provided these tips:
  • Clarify my goal in writing
  • Who is my core community (picture a real person when writing)
  • Make points, set content, have a call to action/next steps
  • Keep it to 250 words
  • Remove flab
She also suggested checking out Lijit,, and

Elise Bauer from Simply Recipes had tons of great ideas for building traffic. The first one I implemented was the Blogger Blog List for UpTake. In the case of UpTake, it allowed me to build an RSS feed of the travel bloggers that I read a lot. I have not figured out the best way to use it on Kitchen Gadget Girl yet.

She also suggested connecting with other bloggers at the same stage of life. In the technology front, Elise suggested checking out Google Share, Picassa, Fireworks, iPhoto, Picnik,, Sitemeter, and Google Alerts (to keep track of your content).

And finally, at the FAQs for Beginning Bloggers session, I picked up these hints:

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